The DIS Master’s program admission process takes place in two stages:

1 – Shortlisting of applicants based on application documents (school records and personal work
2 – Interviews of shortlisted applicants. To be eligible, potential applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Applicants also need to demonstrate several intermediate-level skills, particularly in graphic, space or product design, IT development and/or project management. They must have sound knowledge of the fields of design and creation, as well as good general knowledge.

The DIS Master’s program welcomes students wishing to follow the ERASMUS program for 12 months, with up to two places available for them each year. Furthermore, the intake always includes international students. Admission for these two types of students is based on the same selection criteria (school record, work, motivation, skills, etc.).

You will find below all the additional information to apply for the program.


For M1 entry, students must be able to provide proof of a Bachelor’s degree in art studies (either applied arts or design) or equivalent diploma. There is an alternative entrance route via validation of acquired experience (VAE).

For M2 entry, the program is open under certain conditions to graduates of approved design colleges, architects who have graduated or hold a DSAA, and graduates of École des Mines d’Alès and other engineering schools oriented toward product design, innovation and ergonomics.


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