The teaching team is made up of associate professors, designers and practitioners, engineers, public-sector employees and former students. Together, they contribute a range of skill sets and complementary expertise, allowing students to encounter different perspectives and benefit from rich and varied teaching.

Year 2022 / 2023

Teachers & Doctors


Pierre Fournier

Alice Martin


Laurence Allard

Zoé Bonnardot

Philippe Casens

Philippe Corcuff

Nadia Flank

Coline Fontaine

Clare Green

Marion Hérail

François Huguet

Hoilid Lamssalak

Frederic Lecourt

Marie Legleye

Michel Lepennec

Marielle Marti

Laurent Moulager

Oscar Navarro

Marc Olivaux

Alexandre Pavard

Virginia Tassinari

Anaïs Triolaire


Marielle ROY

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